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100 Heartbreaks

100 Heartbreaks

Nominated for the 2015 Austin Critics Table Awards for Outstanding Musical Production. 

studio-recorded demo

the script

Songs by Joanna Garner; performed by Joanna Garner (lead vocals, guitar), Heath Allyn (lead vocals, guitar), Eric Roach (vocals, lead guitar), Robert Vignisson (vocals, drums), Alexander Villarreal (vocals, bass); produced by Peter Stopschinski

Download the latest draft of the script here. 

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes, no intermission


Charlane Tucker, vocals/guitar, 20s-30s
Mark Larson, vocals/guitar, 20s-30s
Wilson Wright, lead guitar/vocals, 30s-60s
Tom Lewis, bass, 20s-40s
Chuck Fletcher, drums, 20s-60s
Bill Baker, the Horseshoe's bartender, 20s-40s

SETTING: A dive bar with a stage, middle of nowhere Montana; tonight and a year ago.

100 Heartbreaks was developed through Seattle Repertory Theatre's New Play Program, Northwest Playwrights Alliance, Capitol Hill Arts Center, and Bumbershoot Arts and Culture Festival. 

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