Brand Storyteller • Playwright


How (will we do it)?

“Joanna is so personable and helpful. She made the whole process a breeze and her talent for taking my thoughts and turning them into compelling content was brilliant.”
— Keely Killpack, Change Management Expert and Author

I began my writing career as a journalist for the Seattle Times. As simple as it sounds, who, what, where, when, why, and how are the most powerful tools we have to connect with your audience. "Who are you?" "What makes you different?" "Why now?" Spending time answering those questions will help us articulate what makes you, your business, or project unique. 

Start with questions

A story is just a way to transfer information from one person (you, the storyteller) to another (the audience). There are plenty of ways that transfer can happen, depending on who's telling and who's listening. Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo + Juliet reaches a different audience than the ballet version, and that reaches a different audience than the sculpture of the lovers in Central Park. Some stories are written, some are visual, audio, interactive, mobile, or video-based. The medium depends on the message, and we'll figure out the best ways to get your message across. 

Stories aren't just words

The best version of you

I’ve designed everything from punk rock posters to corporate PowerPoint presentations, and I've written on behalf of artists, executives, and entrepreneurs. While I will steer you towards best practices, I want everything I create to look and sound like the best version of you. I’m telling your story, and that means my style adapts to your brand and needs. 

Embrace the process

Any creative project is a process. I like to share early and often so we can stay on the same page. We'll revise as much as needed at any point to get you an end result you feel great about.  


I believe in showing up for my clients the same way I show up in the world: with compassion, understanding, and a good sense of humor. Telling stories is fun. And even when it's not, I pride myself on my ability to smile through any challenges.