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A little sex, food, and rock 'n' roll

Photo by Roy Moore. 

Photo by Roy Moore. 

Just wrapped up a sold-out week of workshop performances of Please Open Your Mouth as part of the Cohen New Works Festival. It was a whirlwind of chocolate, blindfolds, olive oil, messy hands, and dirty talk. By the numbers: 

9 rotisserie chickens
5 University of Texas professors slapped in the face
1 audience member's shirt soaked in melted chocolate (sorry, Madge...)
6 couples making out in a tent (not all at once)
8 packets of pop rocks (cleaned out Zinger Hardware's supply)
4 dishes of chocolate mousse consumed by me backstage while watching
1 epic spray of whipped cream that ended up on the Lab Theatre curtains (we cleaned)
30 balloons
3 personally fried eggs

We're excited for the next stages of development on this piece, and a full production hopefully within the next year. 

Joanna Garner