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City of Austin Gives Cultural Funding Grant for Wild Places

My theater company, groundswell, was awarded a $5,000 grant from the City of Austin for the developmental production of my play Wild Places. The play will be developed February 22-March 19 through the Rude Mechs' Rude Fusion program. 

Wild Places is an immersive play about the ways we as Americans attempt to heal and control our minds and bodies, particularly through pharmaceutical medication, psychedelic drugs, gurus, and self-help. In the piece, two women lead groups of audience members through rituals of self-healing and consciousness-expanding; all the while their stories and fears begin to creep in and take over. Their two worlds squish and fold and slam together through experiential wildness and interactive technology (personal soundscapes, video, and more). 

Development will happen between February 22-March 19, with the creative team focusing each week on a different aspect of the production, culminating in a performance every weekend, March 3-5, March 10-12, and March 17-19 in the Off Shoot. We are exploring a developmental model that will rotate lead collaborators each week to focus on a different aspect of the production. Collaborators include director/dramaturg Katie Van Winkle, director Michael Rau, filmmaker Nik Perleros, choreographer/writer Patrick Shaw, dramaturg Rachel Gilbert, and actors Zoey Cane Belyea, Sean Moran, Gabriela Pedraza, Ryan Sterling Smith, Ellie McBride, and Chris Humphrey. 

Joanna Garner