Brand Storyteller • Playwright

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What (can I do for you)?

Strategy smarts + writing chops + visual design

Drawing from 10+ years of experience as a communications strategist, writer, and graphic designer, I use a range of tools to support you and your projects, no matter the stage, size, or scope. I can work as a one-stop shop from start to finish, or partner with your team or other consultants as needed to build upon what I offer. 

“Joanna is the whole package: a great designer, a fantastic writer, a terrific problem-solver, and someone you genuinely want to spend time around. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”
— Dana Staskerz, Communications Director, Nike


  • Help determine the story you're telling, and why it's unique and necessary. 
  • Recommend the best ways to reach target audiences.
  • Develop a communications plan to reach your goals.  



  • Develop and/or hone your editorial voice to best reflect your message and write in that voice— anything from powerful ad copy to web content to long-form articles or blog posts. 
  • Edit existing copy to make it sharper, cleaner, and more concise. 
  • Organize and prioritize content to lead the audience through the story, keeping them engaged and connected from start to finish. 


  • Find or create images, colors, and fonts that establish your brand and convey powerful visual metaphors.
  • Transform "blah" documents and presentations into visually compelling ones.
  • Integrate text and images to get your information read and remembered. 
  • Design beautiful web sites, brochures, posters, postcards, books, flyers... whatever works best to reach your audience. 


Examples of Work